The year 2021 started with much gloom due to the then prevailing COVID-19 pandemic. The world was just recovering from the global shutdown which left many devastated but as usual, with global pandemics comes breakthrough technologies. The need for crypto startups to easily raise funds resulted in the development of LaunchPads like Polkastarter; these LaunchPads scaled but a lot was left undone. Anypad was Born.

The Official Launch

Anypad was created in 2021 by a team of Blockchain and IT professionals from all over the world, to give both crypto startups & investors the best experience as the industry gained full-scale global adoption. Anypad was dedicated to incubating and accelerating the best and innovative micro-cap blockchain projects, allowing blockchain startups to grow and raise funds seamlessly. The focus was to support startups via incubation and fundraising while exposing our awesome community to the best industry startups.

Website Dev, Documentation, Audit & Partnerships

As a team, we focused on building our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) before our official launch for easy adoption. Our website and documentation were made ready and presented to our growing community after a successful audit was done by Tech Giants, Certik.

Partners and investors like ExNetwork Capital, Maximus Capital, M6, Dutch Crypto Investors, Psquare Capital, Oracles Investment Group, Alves Ventures, Bitcoin.com Exchange, Collateral pay, Block54 Capital, Chronos Ventures, Basics Capital, and Sparkpoint Global joined the Anypad train. After this came our Initial Dex Offering.

$APAD Token

The initial dex offering of our utility token $APAD was held on ZeroSwap & TruePNL from 13th — 15th September. 2% of the total supply of $APAD tokens was sold at a token price of $0.005, with the initial market cap of $APAD Tokens being $92,500. $APAD Token rose over 2,000% to an All-Time High of $0.1 on 25th November. $APAD Token is currently listing on renowned Dex, Pancakeswap with other major listings in the works. More details about $APAD Tokens, Contract Address — 0x366d71ab095735b7dae83ce2b82d5262ef655f10, Trading Chart, Dextool.

Private & Public Sales

Our LaunchPad platform went Live on 22nd September with the $WELD Token sale. Since then, over 15 Private sales and 8 Public sales have been held on our LaunchPad with over $2.3 Million raised seamlessly for crypto startups including TheKillBoxGame, 5ire, Resource Finance, Solchicks. With about $2.3 Million raised in about 3 months, Anypad is projecting to raise over +$10 Million in the coming year for crypto startups. Other direct investment opportunities for our awesome community have come through Anypad ventures, AMA sessions, gleam contests for AcknoLedger, Sidus Heroes, Cryowar, Resource Finance, and others.

Anypad is dedicated to providing our community of followers and investors with profitable and genuine investment opportunities.

Multi-chain Integrations

Remember that Anypad is a multi-chain platform to promote interoperability between multiple blockchains. Since going Live, Anypad has integrated five (5) blockchains including Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Ethereum, Heco, and Avalanche. Celo network was also used for a sale with full integration coming soon. This buttresses the fact that Anypad is one of the few crypto companies with true multi-chain interoperability, a Hassle-free way to launch your crypto projects on a variety of Blockchains.

Star Strike Staking

Star Strike, a blockchain game with epic multiplayer battles and immersive shooting experience on the Anypad Ecosystem, launched its Staking on 15th September. Star Strike has something for every fan, investor, and player. Fight on historical battlegrounds and venture into the farthest reaches of space to compete for fame and glory in a unique Play-To-Earn metaverse.

Via a STAKE-TO-EARN model, players are to own and stake $APAD Tokens to unlock a limited number of spaceships to explore the Star Strike metaverse. Spaceships owned as digital assets are kept safe in a wallet. With the closure of the Staking, Spaceships will be available on the Anypad NFT Marketplace for players to purchase. Powered by Anypad’s multi-chain ecosystem, Star Strike, a blockchain game that provides real money-making opportunities for its metaverse gamers is launching in January 2022.

NFT MarketPlace

On 23rd November, Anypad launched its NFT MarketPlace with the Anypad x Youclout and Anypad x Weld Collections launched and +100 $BNB in volume generated under 24hours.

The holders of these Anypad NFTs possess additional powers and rights in the Anypad Ecosystem and also receive multiple rewards. We strive to provide maximum value to these limited and rare NFT holders and will ensure that they are rewarded at every milestone of our long journey.

Ongoing Developments

As a fast-growing ecosystem, Anypad is poised to do more in the coming year. Ongoing developments due for release in January of 2022 include:

  1. Anypad Website v2.
  2. Star Strike NFTs on the Anypad MarketPlace.
  3. Anypad v2 Tokens with “Burn Function”.
  4. Star Strike Game official Launch with v2 Tokens.
  5. New NFT Collections.
  6. More Sales, More Sales, and More Sales!!!

As always, we are grateful to our awesome and supportive community of followers, investors, and partners. We will keep doing our best to grow Anypad and make it a one-stop solution for crypto startups and investors.

😎See You in 2022!

For more information about Anypad, please visit

Website Telegram chat Twitter Medium YouTube MarketPlace Star Strike

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A next-generation Incubator building a decentralized Multi-chain IDO LaunchPad and Multi-chain AMM DEX on BSC & HECO Chain

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A next-generation Incubator building a decentralized Multi-chain IDO LaunchPad and Multi-chain AMM DEX on BSC & HECO Chain

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