ANYPAD Launchpad Allocation Pools and Distribution Methodology

Public Pool: This pool is specifically designed for APAD as well as Non-APAD Holders. Users can participate in this pool by contributing USDT and based on the percentage of contribution made with respect to the total USDT contributed, users will be able to claim their tokens as well as the amount to unused USDT. This pool works on the Overflow methodology to provide a fairer distribution of tokens as per the contribution made.

Private Pool: This pool is specifically designed for APAD holders. Based on the amount of APAD holding, the user will receive winning tickets which gives user the right to get an allocation in the upcoming IDO. A user needs to hold a minimum of 10K APAD to participate in this pool. The user also needs to do small tasks to get their wallets whitelisted for the upcoming sale. Please note that the minimum requirement to get an allocation is 10K but to receive a guaranteed allocation user need to hold minimum 25K tokens. However, users holding less than 25K but more than 10K will have opportunity to participate in the IDO based on the lottery system. The amount of allocation a user will get if he wins the lottery ticket will be announced with the lottery winning addresses.

Bounty Pool: This pool is specifically designed to reward users who love farming. Our APAD LP tokens can be used to farm APAD tokens in bounty pool as well as get allocation in our upcoming IDO. The number of APAD tokens a user earns daily is proportional to the number of LP tokens the user subscribes to the pool vs the total number of LP tokens subscribed by all users in the pool. The APAD tokens can be earned with an amazing APY (details will be shared soon). Also, staking in this pool means added bounty rewards, apart from the APAD tokens, users will also receive allocation in the upcoming IDO. Token earned are calculated daily after our official IDO announcement which can be claimed on the IDO launch by paying the required amount for the allotment provided in the upcoming IDO.

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