Anypad NFT Metaverse Launch

3 min readNov 23, 2021

We are very happy to announce successful launch of our Anypad NFT Metaverse. Within a short span of less than 24 hours, we reach 100+ BNB in total volume with over 50% of collection sold.

This is only possible with the huge trust our ANYPAD Community and Strong holder group puts into us. We always strive to provide immense value to all our stakeholders in the most trending and Unique way possible, and this is yet another exemplary example of our vision.

For a recap on our prior NFT announcements refer to this link:

Now let’s discuss a couple of points regarding this NFT Offering:

1. Guaranteed 1 ticket allocation in our next IDO upon successfully whitelisting the wallet address, on top of the regular allocation.

2. Guaranteed rewards in the Star Strike metaverse ecosystem (The rewards will be announced before the official launch of StarStrike Alphanet)

3. Special Voting rights in ANYPAD ecosystem

4. Access to exclusive deals meant for NFT holders (Be among the lucky ones)

And many more…Stay Tuned for more announcements.

NOTE: The reward system is dynamic and can change with time, Exact benefits and rewards will be communicated though our Official social handles only. The rewarding system is designed to benefit our most loyal users and valuable supporters.

To begin with, We would like to thank all our holders who won the free NFT airdrop worth 2 BNB. There were a lot more holders who also supported us in our initial month, we thank you for your continued support as well.

Currently there are 2 collections launched:

1. Anypad x Youclout

2. Anypad x Weld

Upcoming collections: Fabwelt, Resource, Solchicks plus one more special collection.

As the number of collections increase, we will start to gamify and give a chance based allocation on old NFTs.

For example: Alex has Collection 1,Collection 3,Collection 4, Collection 8 NFTs. Now in the upcoming sales; Our criterion (hypothetical situation) is a person holding all odd NFTs will get 4 more tickets, so Alex will either buy a Collection 5 NFT, or he sells his Collection 1 and Collection 3 NFT to someone who wants to buy to complete their set.

For every new collection that we launch, there’s a Guaranteed ticket size attached to it in the very next Public sale.

Now comes the best part, talking of our 2 live NFTs, What to expect if you got one or both?

Anypad x Youclout

Anypad x Weld

1. Guaranteed allocation in Solchicks IDO on 26th Nov 2021 worth 1 ticket.

2. 50% extra allocation in FCFS Private Sale offering for holders holding both NFTs.

3. Special entry into the “Panda Group” for everyone who holds both Youclout & Weld NFTs, and a minimum of 100k Anypad. You will get access to lot more information within our ecosystem.

4. In the next IDO (after Solchick), there will be 25% chance if you hold either Youclout or Weld NFT, and 50% chance if you hold both for allocation tickets. We will be doing a fair random selection, and award the winners with extra tickets in allocations.

5. All your AMA rewards will get a 2x boost (in $APAD tokens) if you hold an NFT.

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Anypad would serve as a one-stop incubator to accelerate new blockchain and Defi projects while exposing investors to fair investment opportunities in verified blockchain projects and an Automated Market Maker to create sufficient liquidity without impermanent loss.

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