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3 min readOct 7, 2021

Hello Community!

First and foremost, we would like to congratulate every one of you out there making our 2nd IDO a successful one and we are as excited as you are for the future. Talking of future, how can we miss our NFT offering which is dedicated to our most valuable supporters. As we already gave glimpse of how we provide value to our NFT holders in the Anypad ecosystem, we make sure that these NFT provide a regular value in the upcoming days. To know about our last announcement please refer Link

Now, as we already mention these NFT’s are something very RARE (minted in very small quantities) and our first NFT mark our strong partnership with our last IDO launch event with “Youclout”. Moving ahead, let us give a small sneak peak into how these NFT’s work, what value it provides and how a user can get hold of it.. Please continue reading to make sure you try to grab ONE.


We bet you are…So, lets continue

NFT Airdrop Criteria

As mentioned earlier, few of these NFT’s will be airdropped for free to our most valuable supporters and to identify them there are a few tasks we expect from each one of you.. Let us get straight on it.. below table quite summarizes everything:

Snapshot Details: There will be 4 snapshots taken randomly for over a weeks’ time between 8 Oct to 15 Oct and the Average holding for each of the eligible Holders wallet will be checked. In order to receive the NFT Airdrop, user need to fulfill the above criteria without fail. Failing to meet the above criteria disqualifies the holder for this RARE NFT airdrop.

NFT Holder Rewards:

These NFT’s carry special benefits and rewards in the Anypad ecosystem. These rewards are continuous and users holding these NFT’s will be benefitted from time to time. For the start, please see below rewards which the user will be entitled to:

1. Guaranteed 100$ allocation in our next IDO upon successfully whitelisting the wallet address.

2. Guaranteed rewards in the Star Strike metaverse ecosystem (The rewards will be announced before the official launch)

3. Special Voting rights in ANYPAD ecosystem (To be announced later)

4. Access to exclusive deals (Be among the lucky ones)

And many more…Stay Tuned for more announcements

NOTE: The reward system is dynamic and can change with time, Exact benefits and rewards will be communicated though our Official social handles only. The rewarding system is designed to benefit our most loyal users and valuable supporters.

Marketplace Listing:

Few of the remaining NFT’s will also be listed on the marketplace (Announcement soon). Users who miss these Airdrops can directly purchase these NFT’s and join into our NFT holders’ community. Also, The NFT’s airdropped will be tradable on this marketplace as well, but remember selling off your NFT will directly result in losing the entitled rewards as mentioned above.

So, To sum up…Try and hold the required APAD and get your hands on our very FIRST NFT for the Anypad NFT Metaverse..

That was it folks!!

Stay tuned for our next announcement regarding our “NFT Metaverse” updates..

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Anypad would serve as a one-stop incubator to accelerate new blockchain and Defi projects while exposing investors to fair investment opportunities in verified blockchain projects and an Automated Market Maker to create sufficient liquidity without impermanent loss.

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