With Anypad Ventures Live, we are on track to allow every member of our community to invest in well-vetted evaluated revenue-generating projects, no matter their investment amount!

The Private sales will follow a similar structure as our public sale in terms of our guaranteed ticket methodology but with a slight change. The number of tickets allocated to a particular sale will be directly proportional to the total number of $APAD Token holdings per wallet(tokens holding + Staked via Star Strike gaming platform).

Procedure to be followed:

1. Users need to whitelist their addresses to show their interest and consent for the upcoming sale as only whitelisted wallets will be considered for the upcoming private sale.

2. Once the user gets his/her wallet whitelisted, a snapshot will be taken to calculate the total number of $APAD Token holding per wallet after the whitelisting process is concluded.

3. Each wallet will be assigned a maximum amount of contribution which can be made through that wallet in the upcoming private sale.

NOTE: The maximum total allocation allotted to any particular wallet will be 1.5 times. We recommend everyone to make contributions as soon as the sale opens to avoid any chances of missing out from the sale. The sale will be closed upon reaching the raising amount and as the contribution limit is 1.5 times the actual, there may be situations where every whitelisted wallet may not be able to participate. Considering the priority of private sales, we recommend contributing as fast as possible to secure your allocation.


Imagine we have 4 of our loyal users A, B, C, and D. Each has a number of APAD holdings(holding+ staked)as seen below:

A = 25000

B = 53000

C = 151000

D = 76000

Now, we have an announcement for an upcoming private sale and a whitelist form is floated. D doesn’t wish to participate in the sale and doesn’t fill the form to whitelist his wallet, others filled it. Now, Upon snapshot A, B, and C who hold tokens as mentioned above receive private sale tickets as follows:

A = 1 ticket

B = 2 ticket

C = 7 ticket

D = not considered for the sale

Now, assuming the sale total funds to be raised is 100K USD, and the total tickets are 1000, the per-ticket cost will be 100 USD but as mentioned above the ticket price will be raised to a maximum of 1.5 times (100 → 150) which amount to the total sale of 1.5 times( 100K → 150K). So, our users would get allocation as follows:

A = 150 USD

B = 300 USD

C = 1050 USD

But the total raise amount being 100K, there may be a chance every whitelisted user buys the complete 1.5 allotted amount. In this case, we will be closing the sale window as soon we reach our fundraising goal( $a100K in this case).

Now, few different scenarios:

1. A participant on time with the maximum cap allotted of 150K and secure his allocation before the sale ends

2. B is still unsure and waits for some time before contributing to the sale. As the sale sees huge response within seconds the pool reached its maximum of say 100K in this case. Unfortunately, in this case, B doesn’t receive his allocation as he didn’t contribute before the pool ended.

3. C was fast enough and happy he received the allocation 1.5 Times more but due to some personal reasons, he wishes to contribute say only 700 USD in place of 1050 USD allocated. C contributes to the sale and secures an allocation of 700 USD.

That's quite simple, right?

Users who are late will, unfortunately, miss out on a particular private sale.


1. Anypad Private sale is not an investment vehicle or security.

2. There is no guarantee of financial returns for the tokens.

3. Participating in Private/Seed sales is extremely risky, kindly do your due diligence and research before investing (DYOR).

4. Anypad will not be held liable for any 3rd -party contract breach.

About Anypad

Anypad is a next-generation blockchain Incubator and accelerator platform building a Multi-chain LaunchPad & Multi-chain AMM DEX, to give crypto & blockchain startups & investors the best experience as the industry gains full-scale global adoption. Anypad is dedicated to incubating and accelerating the best meme coins and micro-cap blockchain projects, allowing blockchain startups to grow and raise funds seamlessly.

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