1. What is Anypad?
  2. The various Anypad products.
  3. Step-by-step use of
  4. Anypad backers.
  5. Real-world use cases of Anypad.
  1. 1st Prize: $700 worth of $APAD Tokens.
  2. 2nd Prize: $450 worth of $APAD Tokens.
  3. 3rd Prize: $300 worth of $APAD Tokens.
  4. 4th and 5th Prize: $175 worth of $APAD Tokens each.
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  • Do not copy another individual’s video entry. You will be disqualified instantly.
  • No NSFW content in the video entries.
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We wish you luck while being very creative!!!



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A next-generation Incubator building a decentralized Multi-chain IDO LaunchPad and Multi-chain AMM DEX on BSC & HECO Chain