Metaverse-as-a-Service, Adding Utility and P2E across all NFT communities!!!

What is BLOCKS?

BLOCKS gives NFT communities the tools they need to create bespoke Metaverse settings for its members. BLOCKS allows NFT artists to add stories, events, and gaming/P2E mechanics to their crypto communities. It was first introduced on Curio, a premier NFT platform collaborating with some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Key features of BLOCKS

  1. Community-owned: Own space in the Metaverse, the power to build your own environment fully customizable and controllable.
  2. Comunity-governed: The BLOCKS culture is built on transparency and accountability, shared responsibility and decision making, collective vision and goals and unity as a community.
  3. PLAY 2 EARN: Gamified rewards via a platform that allows users to earn $BLOCKS tokens and own a stake in the ecosystem.


The BLOCKS team is made up of professionals from a variety of industries, including animation, economics, finance, algorithms, gaming, and blockchain. The pros on the BLOCKS squad are highly equipped, including:

Partners and Investors

BLOCKS has reputable investors and partners, such as NFT Dungeon, Cryptordz, Meetbits DAO, and others.

Tokenomics (more information can be found in the white paper)

Total Supply: 1,600,000,000
Initial Circulating Supply: 0.8% of total supply
Initial Market Cap: $800,000
Seed A Tranche: 226,415,094
Seed B Tranche: 159,883,721
Private Round: 50,000,000
Public Sale: 8,333,333
Team: 240,000,000
Treasury: 251,367,851
Strategic Partners: 16,000,000
Advisors: 8,000,000
Comunity: 640,000,000

Token Economy

The $BLOCKS token, another feature offered by BLOCKS, allows users to be rewarded for their efforts. These ERC-20 tokens provide a play-to-earn (P2E) meta-layer to the network that sits on top of all NFTs. Gamification techniques encourage community involvement and repeat interactions. Tokens are acquired by parcel owners and community members.

TGE & Listing Information

Name: BLOCKS Token
Symbol: BLOCKS
Network: Ethereum
Token Claim: 5th July
CEX Listing: 6th July


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