Here’s the result of our evaluation and review of Crypcade for our wonderful community.

What is Crypcade?

Crypcade is a functional full-stack open entertainment metaverse on the blockchain.

With a working product, Crypcade is an Entertainment Ecosystem that brings the ultimate Gaming & Entertainment experience for Users in its Metaverse environment, with its In-house games and Entertainment dApps from other developers. The Game Demo is available at

CrypCade is an economically sustainable Gaming/ Entertainment ecosystem, integrating skill-based gaming and luck-based gambling. CrypCade ensures to use of the cutting-edge blockchain gaming technology to introduce external users and facilitate current users to allow easy interaction between UI and user for a seamless, enjoyable experience on the CrypCade Entertainment Systems.

Key features of Crypcade

  1. Build Feature for Users: Partner dApps and crypto projects can co-build their dApps and CrypCade users will be able to play their favorite games using the ecosystem’s native token.
  2. High-Value NFTs: Users/ players can purchase plots as NFTs and owners of these NFTs earn monthly income generated from these plots in the Crypcade city.
  3. DAO Governance: Crypcade is the first-ever metaverse with DAO governance in place for users to engage in voting and important decisions on the Crypcade ecosystem.
  4. Ecosystem Development Fund: Crypcade has a development fund set out to support developers building games and entertainment dApps on the Crypcade ecosystem.
  5. Crypcade Marketplace: Virtual Marketplace for artists, Creators, influencers, celebrities, and users to collect and trade NFTs.
  6. CrypCasino: An Immersive experience Casino in the CrypCade ecosystem gives users a first-hand Metaverse Casino experience. CrypCasino has tie-ups with the world’s biggest game providers.


In partnership with Tron Game Center and Polygon (formerly Matic network), Crypcade is being developed by a team of professionals comprising animators, developers, blockchain engineers, marketers, and the likes. Project advisors include Mihai Rad, Ahmed Abdulla, Block Brands, and Theodore Agranat.

Partners and Investors

Top-notch backers and investors like Polygon, Tron Game Center, AlphablockZ, EVL PPY Game Studio, Myra AI, Merkle Network, Digipharm, Unilab, and the likes.

Tokenomics (more information can be found in the white paper)

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Initial Market Cap: $400,000
Seed: 5%
Private: 8%
Strategic: 5%
Public: 2%
Team: 12%
Advisors: 3%
Liquidity: 5%
Marketing: 12%
Reserve DAO: 3%
Play-to-Earn: 20%
Staking & Farming: 15%
Product Development: 5%
Ecosystem Development: 5%

Token Economy

One token to rule them all; iCADE will power the entire Crypcade ecosystem. CrypCade is an Entertainment Ecosystem designed to benefit both users and the platform. By making a deposit and playing games on CrypCade, users mine iCADE tokens that can be claimed and will be sent to the user’s Tron wallet automatically upon claiming.

Users can freeze iCADE tokens to gain dividends from the dividend pool. The dividend pool increases with players’ losses on in-house games A percentage of partners’ games losses also feed into the pool. Wins are credited from the dividend pool. Users who freeze their tokens will also receive voting rights proportional to the number of frozen iCADE.

Dividends are automatically distributed daily to all frozen tokens, every night at 0:00GMT, and are credited to users’ wallets upon redemption. Dividends have an expiration period that is mentioned on the Dividends page. Failing to redeem the dividend during this period will result in the loss of this dividend.

Dividend distribution:

  • 15% — users
  • 5% — team
  • 5% — reserve
  • 75% — rolls over to the next day’s dividends

TGE & Listing Information

Name: Crypcade Token
Symbol: iCADE
Network: Binance Smart Chain
Token Generation Event: To Be Announced
DEX Listing: After TGE on PancakeSwap
CEX Listing: To Be Announced

Crypcade sale

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