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Here’s another use case for Anypad tokens, $APAD. Anypad can now give special access to Private/Seed sales.

At Anypad, we have performed exceptionally well in our picks for IDO fundraising and investments, using our hyperconnected network. Projects in contact with Anypad are duly vetted and evaluated before any further discussion. These events have boosted the confidence of our community.

Going further, we need to evolve into a real force. For this, we need to be bound together and propel into an exponential network. We present to you Anypad Ventures.

Remember, Anypad comprises a well-coordinated goal-oriented team from every corner of the global blockchain industry, combining distinct market insights with rigorous fundamental analysis. As a result, we have access to world-class investment platforms and early investments to help you realize your investment goals in Crypto.

The Mission of Anypad Ventures is to allow everyone to invest in well-vetted evaluated revenue-generating projects, no matter their investment amount!


  1. Anypad Ventures is not an investment vehicle or security.
  2. There is no guarantee of financial returns for the tokens.
  3. Participating in Private/Seed sales is extremely risky, kindly do your due diligence and research before investing (DYOR).
  4. Anypad will not be held liable for any 3rd -party contract breach.

About Anypad

Anypad is a next-generation blockchain Incubator and accelerator platform building a Multi-chain LaunchPad & Multi-chain AMM DEX, to give crypto & blockchain startups & investors the best experience as the industry gains full-scale global adoption. Anypad is dedicated to incubating and accelerating the best meme coins and micro-cap blockchain projects, allowing blockchain startups to grow and raise funds seamlessly.

For more information about Anypad, please visit

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A next-generation Incubator building a decentralized Multi-chain IDO LaunchPad and Multi-chain AMM DEX on BSC & HECO Chain