Monopolon is a GameFi project with a dynamic similar to the iconic game ‘Monopoly’ featuring a virtual metaverse!!!

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Here is our in-depth project review for Monopolon following comprehensive research:

What is Monopolon?

Monopolon is a GameFi project with a dynamic similar to the iconic game ‘Monopoly’. Individual NFTs represent players on a ‘board’ where they can make strategic moves to earn rewards, join guilds, engage other players in battle (PvP), join guilds and participate in boss raids and guild wars on a grand scale. Monopolon also has virtual land and infrastructure that players can purchase to build equity and secure their place in the metaverse.

Monopolon is an exciting game with huge complexity and depth where the digital world becomes the most important reality. Driven by the game’s competitive aspect, the challenges of figuring out the best strategies to win and the mere fun in social bonding, Monopolon’s aim is to become a flagship experience of the GameFi world.

Key features of Monopolon

  1. Factions: Players choose from 5 factions- Musketeers, Amazonians, Bynans, Jackknights and Zuckarians to get extra abilities.
  2. Reward Mining: Players earn mining rewards by attacking valuable mineral deposits and by fighting wild monsters that spawn within to interrupt their mining efforts.
  3. Invasions: The invading player’s goal is to damage the enemy’s mine and if possible, defeat them and get full game rewards.


Monopolon comprises team members who are experts in various fields, they include:

-Manfred {CEO & Co-Founder}

-Andrei {CTO & Co-Founder}

-Kacy {CMO & Co-Founder}

-Mark {Marketing Director}

Partners and Investors

Monopolon has reputable investors and partners including Gotbit, CheersLand, Iconic, DODO and Bitmart.

Monopolon Token Economy

The Monopolon token economy is based on two tokens $MLON and $MGM which are built to constantly give investors and holders value in the short and long run.

$MLON is used for the purchase and sale of in-game assets and NFTs while $MGM is earned through the ownership of these NFTs. $MGM is generated from mining, looting and farming within the game. $MLON can also be sold for $MGM in Monopolon’s P2P marketplace.

A liquidity pool will allow you to swap your $MGM for $USDT which can be used outside the Monopolon metaverse. This liquidity pool will be replenished once demand outgrows the supply of $MLON to benefit all Monopolon’s stakeholders: players, investors, and the organization itself.

An additional pool of $MLON to $USDT is planned for launch to further fuel this cycle as the Monopolon metaverse grows.

Tokenomics (more information can be found in the white paper)

Total Supply: 30,000,000
Marketcap at TGE: $600k
Public Sale: 1,500,000

TGE & Listing Information

Name: Monopolon Token
Network: BSC
CEX Listing: Bitmart TBA

Monopolon sale

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