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Here is our in-depth project review for Sportzchain following comprehensive research:

What is Sportzchain?

Sportzchain is a platform for fans to crowd-manage their favorite teams, games, leagues, celebrities and events. Sportzchain will help fans take a front seat and actively participate in sporting teams’/leagues’ binding and non-binding decisions.

Key features of Sportzchain

  1. Decentralization to the core: Sportzchain platform will run on Layer 2 sidechains platform built on the Polygon blockchain offered by companies such as Polygon and Chainlink. The advantage of the third-party Layer 2 platform is that they have its independent nodes and validators providing true decentralization compared to an entity having its own Layer 2 sidechain with a risk of manipulating the transactions.
  2. Transparency: Every transaction on the Sportzchain platform will be transparent and auditable in nature. The $SPN token and platform, together, will act as a decision-making engine for fans, giving them an avenue to influence their team’s decisions with complete transparency and integrity. Having a decentralized sidechain is the right choice to provide complete transparency on every transaction on the platform.
  3. Scalability: Every transaction/voting that happens on the Sportzchain platform will be running on the Polygon blockchain. Polygon is one of the dominant choices as it is a well-developed blockchain platform (future-proofed) and there are no issues of scalability.


Sportzchain comprises team members who are experts in various fields, they include:

  • Siddharth Jaiswal
  • Vinayak Yannam
  • Sankar SK

Partners and Investors

Sportzchain has reputable investors and partners including Polygon Studios, Tamil Thalaivas, Gujarat Giants, Bengal Warriors, Shisan Investment, Certik, Asva Labs, Dabang Dehli, Iceland Cricket, UniFarm, Kommunitas, Polysports and Coin Fantasy.

Sportzchain Token Economy

Sportzchain team understands the importance of partnerships and to provide more belief and credibility for $SPN holders has undertaken exclusive partnerships with a few sporting teams to start with. The team is further actively working to expand the number of sporting teams as well as add more different sports to the roaster. Sportzchain will transform fan engagement, converting it from a mere marketing strategy to a direct sustainable business model for our partner sporting teams and leagues.

A key component in the economy of the Sportzchain project will be the $SPN token, which will act as a booster for the platform and will be required for transactions across the Sportzchain platform (including participating in STOs.) Demand for the SPN token will increase as more teams, leagues and game titles are added to the platform, and as more fans want voting rights. In addition, the SPN token will rise as and when we launch other utility-related offerings (such as Gamification, NFT Marketplace, APP Monetization, etc.)

Tokenomics (more information can be found in the white paper)

Total Supply: 10,000,000,000
Marketcap at TGE: $400k
Initial Supply: 200,000,000

TGE & Listing Information

Name: $SPN
Network: Ethereum and Polygon
CEX Listing: Bitrue and Coin store on 14th September

Sportzchain sale

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