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🐼Dear Pandas,

We are excited to announce the Sportzchain public sale on Anypad Shield on the 12th of September at 2 PM UTC 2022.

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Steps To Participate in the $SPN Public Sale on ANYPAD

Buy $APAD here and stake.

Stakers of $APAD Tokens will all get instant whitelisting.

· Buy $SPN Token as per your allotted ticket size.

· The ticket allotment is based on the number of $APAD tokens users are staking.

· This sale will happen in the public pool.

Sportzchain Sale Refund Policy

  1. After the token claim is Live, investors will have 2 hours to either claim their tokens or request a refund.
  2. If investors claim tokens, Sportzchain will be given the funds raised while users will receive the tokens.
  3. If investors choose a refund, investors will get back their invested funds but will pay for gas fees.

Buying and Claiming of $SPN Tokens

Note — Only users who have winning tickets can buy $SPN

· Time to Buy $SPN — This sale is slated for 12th September at 2 PM UTC and will be announced on our social media channels. Ticket winners will pay BUSD {BEP20} to Buy $SPN here.

· Claiming of $SPN Tokens on ANYPAD — will be announced on our social media channels. Ticket winners who paid BUSD {BEP20} to buy $SPN will receive their $SPN tokens.

Details of $SPN Sale on ANYPAD

Total to be raised: $50k
Price: $0.0024
Total supply: 10,000,000,000
Vesting: 50% at TGE, 30 days cliff and 25% monthly
Sale: 12th September, 2 PM UTC
Initial Market cap: $400k
CEX Listing: Bitrue and Coin store on 14th September

For any clarifications regarding Public Pool allocation methodology and Tier Structure, Please refer to this article.

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